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Strengthening quality. Building relationships.
Increasing access. Engaging families.

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Of students in our region arrived at kindergarten without key skills.43%*

Ready Region Blue Ridge

United Way of Greater Charlottesville is proud to have been selected as the lead organization for Ready Region Blue Ridge. As a Ready Regions lead organization, we are part of a statewide network focused on:

Strengthening quality. We will ensure all components are in place to coordinate quality measurement and guide improvement in publicly funded classrooms as part of VQB5.

Building relationships. We will engage with leaders across the region to facilitate buy-in for shared accountability and benefit.

Increasing access. We will build and strengthen better processes to help parents learn about and access ECCE programs in their community, while helping ECCE providers connect with families.

Engaging families. We will establish and strengthen strategies and structures to ensure family engagement.

Our Initiatives


Coordinating quality measurement
and guiding classroom improvement.


Building and strengthening better processes for parents and providers.


Engaging with leaders across the region
for accountability and benefit.


Establishing and strengthening strategies to ensure family engagement.

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About Our Region

Ready Region Blue Ridge oversees approximately 45,000 children under the age of five, many of whom lack access to high-quality care. Our region’s teachers and publicly funded sites worked with Ready Region Blue Ridge, its partners, the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, and the Virginia Department of Education to undertake Practice Year Two of the new Unified Virginia Quality Birth to Five System.

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Recent News

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